Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday, Bernie!

Wow - Bernie Leadon turns 70 today!  Hard to believe!

Happy birthday to him. Wishing him all the best!


Rock said...


I live in Franklin and St. Augustine and still longboarding. If you want to catch some waves sometime, call Jeff Cook (Alabama) and he can give you my contact info.


Tess said...

I would love permission to use your & Patti D's song and your recording of it by the Eagles. I made a little video photo montage for Facebook of my son's first days of school to commemorate his graduation, and used the first 1/3 of the recording without thinking to get permission. My apologies for that, and FB set me straight muting the music. But I so love it as my "song" for him... <3 I cannot find the publisher or whether it is ascap, bmi or sesac - Can you tell me how I can get permission? Thank you!

Colony1965 said...

God bless you on your birthday. You would and should be included in the Sweetheart tour as part of the extended family.

Unknown said...

Thanks Bernie for your great talent throughout the years.